Do I need to pre-make my ad? We do accept pre designed ads if you have one you want to use. We have also graphic designers that custom make each ad for you at no additional cost. What size is the magazine? Our total page size is 8.5” x 11” How often will the magazine be serviced in the locations? Our team visits various locations 6 days a week. Each team member has a designated route/area to ensure maximum maintenance and each location is visited once to three times a week depending on the volume that that location regularly goes through. Can I advertise my property on the front page? Yes! We require a full page ad for a FREE ad placement on the front page feature. This free added marketing tool can be pre reserved or we choose on rotation. We rotate our front page with all of the full page agents. Can I advertise on the back page? Possibly! Our back page is not a rotated page as the front. We offer the back page just as an inside page but with an additional cost. We have loyal clients that normally keep the back page reserved but if it is for any reason not reserved, anyone is welcome to reserve it. How can I have my ad in the first few pages or last few pages of the magazine? We try to arrange our pages by seniority of advertising. The longer you are in the magazine the closer to the front or closer to your desired page you can get. Do I have to sign any long term contracts? No, our magazine works month to month and we do not require that you sign 6 month or 12 month contracts. We only ask that if you would like to not advertise that particular month, that you let us know by the 16th of the month. When are the deadlines for each month? We start collecting ads around the 15th of each month but can accept ads up until around the 24th of each month. This can vary from month to month depending on our print date. We will send a reminder email on or before the 15th of each month with the specific dates and deadlines for that month. What if I forget to submit my ad or I am out of town, will my ad be removed? No, we cannot remove your ad until you ask us to do so. Your ad will remain the same as it was the prior month if no changes are submitted. Will I receive a proof prior to my ad going to print? Yes! You will have approximately at least 3 days to proof your ad and submit any changes or corrections. The number of days can vary more or less, dependent upon holidays and the date of which your ad is submitted. Once your ad is submitted we will make all of your changes and send you a return email with a PDF of your proof for that month and the date in which any changes must be returned by before we go to print. Where are the magazines distributed? We have a whole team of dedicated delivery drivers that deliver to locations all around the Grand Strand from Little River to Pawleys Island and West as far as Marion! FAQ



Phone: 843.981.4686